My Weekend in Mexico City: Travel Itinerary

I was lucky enough to go to Mexico City over the holiday vacation but we only had enough time for a quick weekend getaway. This post will give you a peek into my trip and show you all the unique (and delicious) things you can do during a short 3 days in Mexico City, Mexico.

Dog looking out on top of a pyramid at Teotihuacan
Flight to Mexico City
Landing in Mexico City

Getting There

First of all…Mexico City is massive! It is one of the largest cities in the world with over 21 Million people living there. Definitely open up your window as you are landing to appreciate the sprawling nature of the city.

We flew to Mexico City on United and your girl got upgraded to Business Class (hey hey!) so that alone made the whole trip worth it 😉

You will definitely want to take an Uber from the airport because they are less expensive than taxis and you can easily pay with your phone if you hadn’t gotten a chance to get cash yet.

Matcha Latte in Condesa (Tea Connection)
Matcha Latte in Condesa (Tea Connection)

Where to Stay

We stayed in the Roma/Condesa Area. This area is a bit farther from the historical center downtown but it has enough unique bars, restaurants, shops, and parks to warrant the stay away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown. This area is quaint and totally walkable to many of the major sites you want to see and the food that you want to eat.

El Pendulo Book Cafe in Condesa

Weekend Itinerary in Mexico City

Day 1

Grab breakfast around Roma/Condesa. We actually ate at our hotel this morning so we weren’t able to try Milo’s but we discovered it on our walk around Amsterdam Street. This street is a massive loop all the way around Parque Mexico and it is the perfect way to get oriented to the area.

The park is super large and beautiful…and full of cute dogs to watch! Head there on a week day and you might even see the dog obedience class going on!

Mercado Roma is a must visit! This is the first place that I ate and was blown away! There are many different options and it definitely has a more tourist vibe but all of the most popular restaurants in Mexico City have stalls there. There is bound to be food for everyone in your group.

Day 2

On our second day in Mexico City we went to Teotihuacan Pyramids. We went with a tour group but I would honestly recommend even Ubering there and back. It is quite inexpensive and that way you can visit the site on your schedule without the pressure of making the call time of the tour. If I were to do it again I would skip the tour and download an audio tour before heading to the site. The pyramids Sol and Luna were great little hikes with excellent views at the top.

Afterwards you can Uber straight downtown and check out El Cardenal – the hot chocolate is a must! Get ready for an extremely rich but satisfying lunch!

Day 3

On our last day we went to Chapultepec Park, and it is quite a sight to see. This park is so lively and there is so much to do. You can rent paddle boats on the lake, find yourself lost in the green expanses, or just cruise down the main street full of stalls and street vendors.

I also highly recommend the Frieda Kahlo house. I learned so much about life and legacy and I definitely watched her movie with Salma Hayek on the flight home! If I had enough time I would definitely visit the Trotsky house and the Museo Diego Rivera because their lives were all so intertwined.

Dinner and San Angel Inn was decadent and the food was delicious. This location is a bit pricier than the local tacos in Condesa, but the experience was beautiful and I highly recommend for a leisurely dinner.

On Top of the Pyramid de Sol
Hot Chocolate at El Cardenal
View of Pyramid de Luna

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