Personalized Welcome Mat | DIY

I’ve been in my condo for about 1.5 years and I still have the (somewhat nasty) welcome mat that my previous tenants left me. I wanted to use my Cricut Maker to create a stencil from Vinyl so I could personalize my very own Welcome Mat using the Tromp Mat from Ikea

This blog post will tell you all the details on how to make this “Hello Goodbye” Personalized Welcome Mat using your Cricut Maker, some vinyl, and also how to use transfer paper.

Materials Needed

Below I will link all of the specific materials that I used in case you want to purchase them online.

  • Ikea Trampa Mat
  • Cricut Maker
  • Fine Point Blade (Comes with the Maker)
  • Standard Grip Mat (12 x 24)
  • Sheets of Vinyl
  • Black Paint
  • Sponge Paint Applicator
  • Transfer Paper

Let’s Get Crackin!

Step 1: Create your stencil in Cricut Design space. Please reference the video tutorial at the bottom of this post if you want more specifics on how I created the “Hello Goodbye” stencil.


  • Use font that is thick enough so that you have enough room to pull out the negative space and use it as a stencil
  • If you are playing with cursive fonts then decrease the letter spacing so that the letters are actually touching
  • Click the “unlock” button to size your word at any aspect ratio.
  • If you are using 2 pieces of 12×12 vinyl then make sure the break between the pages is not in the very middle of the letter so that it is easier to tape it back together

Step 2: Make your Stencil. Smooth down your vinyl paper (I used 12×12 sheets) onto the Cricut StandardGrip mat. Load the mat into your Cricut and quickly cut out each letter. Peel off your vinyl from the mat and then use tweezers or any Cricut tools to peel out each letter leaving the outline of each word.


  • If you did the cut on 2 12×12 sheets of vinyl, tape together the 2 sheets only after you cut out your vinyl stencil. Match up your two sheets of vinyl and tape together the 2 pieces
  • When you cut out your stencil leave enough space so that paint can’t go over the edges of the stencil, but not too much space that you waste transfer paper

Step 3: Using Transfer Paper. Cut out a piece of transfer paper that is roughly the size of your vinyl stencil. Remove the backing of the transfer paper and slowly and smoothly place directly on top of your vinyl. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles.

Next peel off the backing of the vinyl and stick to your welcome mat. I have super sticky vinyl and it hardly even stuck at all to my mat…but don’t fret! It will definitely be enough for the stencil to work with super clean lines.

Slowly peel back the transfer paper almost at a 180 angle. Don’t worry too much about the little pieces that may come off, you can always stick them in the correct place after your transfer paper is off.

Step 4: Paint Away! Using your sponge applicator, slowly DAB the black paint on top of the stencil in an up and down motion. I used a lot of paint just to ensure I had nice crisp lines. Once you are done painting remove the vinyl right away while the paint is still wet.

Voila!! I hope you’re welcome mat turned out as good as I think mine did ❤

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