Cricut Maker Starter Kit

When I finally bit the bullet and bought my Cricut Maker, it actually took me a few weeks to finally have all the materials necessary to start my projects.

This blog post is for you if you want to get started using your Maker right away!

I bought my Maker specifically to make cuts on harder materials, such as basswood and balsa wood. You need the Maker to perform these cuts because the other Cricut machines are not fit for this. This starter kit is perfect if you want to do similar projects using woods and heavier materials!

See the starter kit below and click on the plus signs to shop the items!

click map
click the plus signs to shop
  1. Cricut Maker – This, obviously, is a tool that you need to get started. I definitely would never pay full price for this, because it is already quite expensive running at . The best price that I typically see is around $340.
  2. Variety of Mat Types, including the StrongGrip. There are 4 mats that Cricut offers: FabricGrip, LightGrip, StandardGrip, and StrongGrip. I would first buy the variety pack of 12×12 and then buy multipacks or larger sizes of the mats that you end up using most. Keep in mind that your Cricut already comes with a FabricGrip and LightGrip!
  3. Balsa Wood – I searched high and low to find the best wood at sizes that worked for the Maker. Menards had the best selection and price from what I could tell. Other options are Joann’s but I never could find a store with any in stock.
  4. Cricut Knife Blade – Silly me…I thought this blade came in the Cricut Maker kit. doesn’t. Definitely order from Amazon to pay half the price!
  5. Vinyl – I bought vinyl in a cheaper variety pack of colors because I use the vinyl for stenciling items…so in that case the color doesn’t even matter
  6. Transfer Paper – You definitely want transfer paper if you are going to use vinyl. It makes the transfer process 100x easier. This was an inexpensive option that I found.
  7. Cricut Tool Set – These tools are important if you are going to have semi-intricate designs and you need to weed out small areas.

Cricut Cutting Mat Cricut Knife Blade Basswood Cricut Maker Vinyl Paper Transfer Paper Cricut Tools

I hope this starter kit helps you out so you can begin your projects right as you receive your Maker! Please scroll down to follow this blog if you want to stay updated on my Cricut projects and receive first notice for my Cricut Design Space Freebies!

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