18 Best Ikea Hacks of 2018

Okay Okay, now that all the Christmas festivities are over *sheds tear*, it is time to start reflecting back on 2018 and gearing up for the New Year. These are the best 18 must-try Ikea Hacks of 2018.

It has been a few years since Ikea Hacks have become very popular but I have to say…they still haven’t gone out of style. Thank goodness! Who doesn’t love making your home look chic for a fraction of the price.

18 Hacks Gallery

I have organized the 18 hacks into categories:

  • 5 Best Youtube Video Tutorials
  • 4 Inexpensive Hacks
  • 4 Cricut Hacks
  • 3 Super Easy and Quick Hacks
  • 2 maykitdiy hacks (of course I had to plug my own favorites that I’ve done this year)

Keep reading and you will be sure to find at least 1 hack that you are dying to try in the New Year.

Youtube Hacks

1. Floating Nightstand

This awesome Sorry Girls hack uses the Ikea Kallax shelf inserts and some mounting brackets to make these modern, white floating bedside shelves.

click for tutorial

2. Distressed Wood Kallax Console

Wood Palettes? Check.

Barn Door Feature? Check

Iron Casters? Check

This DIY is more than an Ikea Hack…it is an absolute work of art! This video tutorial definitely takes more skill than some of the other Ikea Hacks, but I have to say that the end results is so unique and high end that you will be happy that you put in the time.

The video tutorial is thorough and entertaining to watch. Go give this guy some love!

click for tutorial

3. Woven Basket Plant Holder

These plant baskets are popping up all over websites like Pottery Barn, Anthro, and Urban Outfitters.

Hermione Chantal paints this basket and even creates her own tassels to upscale the plain woven look.

click for tutorial

4. Woven Coffee Table

This is a super innovative idea that I am eager to try! Drew uses an inexpensive stool and a floor cushion to fasten together a boho table.

click for tutorial

5. Modern Small Entryway Stand

This entryway stand is the perfect use of Ikea furniture for a tiny and narrow entryway.

click for tutorial

Inexpensive Ikea Hacks

6. Slatted Bed Base Wall Organizer

This is an ingenious use of the Sultan Lade Bed Base as a wall organizer. While the blog post is in German, you can actually tell a lot from Kristina’s pictures. She takes this bed base and adds many organizational accessories to it in order to make it a functional and minimalist wall piece.

click for tutorial

7. Gold Chic Living Room Side Table

Brittany whips out the gold spray paint (a personal favorite hack tool of mine) to make this plain square base table into a chic living room piece. A bit of spray paint is all you need for this diy.

click for tutorial

8. Furry Stool

This playful, furry stool passes for a piece worth thousands of dollars $$$. Some gold spray paint (see a theme) and those fun Ikea fur rugs are all you need to pin this piece together.

click for tutorial

9. Organic Wood Stool

Here’s another stool tutorial if the fur isn’t doing it for you. While I love the look of the fur, I think the raw, organic wood look is more the vibe in my condo. This stool not only fits in the “inexpensive” category, but it is also extremely easy to make thanks to Caroline.

click for tutorial

Cricut Ikea Hacks

10. Personalized Lazy Susan

Lazy susans are about the coolest thing since sliced bread. But what makes them even cooler is having your freaking name on them! This hack uses Cricut + Ikea to come up with the best gift giving idea all year round.

click for tutorial

11. Vinyl Paper Storage

Cori generously transforms the Ikea Trones shoe storage into a seamless storage place for all of your vinyl pieces (and cricut mats too!). I have to say….my vinyl pieces are definitely sliding around on my dining room floor right now, and I am in desperate need of some hidden storage. Check out this tutorial for more details.

click for tutorial

11. $1.99 Cricut Vinyl Storage

Okay, so the Trones storage not doing it for you? Then you have to try out this $1.99 storage solution on Melanie’s Blog! She transforms a plastic bag holder into a functional Cricut vinyl storage piece. This is perfect if you have rolls of vinyl instead of flat sheets.

click for tutorial

12. Full Cricut Craft Storage

Okay, so I have basically never seen such a beautiful Cricut Storage place or craft room in general…you have to check this out! Kimberly uses Ikea pegboards and hooks to hang and organize all her tools so they are easy to grab.

click for tutorial

13. Small Space Cricut Storage

If you don’t have enough space in your home for the previous DIY, then you will want to check this one out. I don’t have a full craft room in my place so using a Ikea’s bar cart is an ingenious idea to store all of your goods…including the brightpad!

click for tutorial

Easiest Ikea Hacks

14. Simple Entry Way Table

Spray paint and gold leaf….this DIY hack has to be amazing! Check out this post for this beautiful and chic table.

click for tutorial

15. Classy Dresser

This is one of the easiest hacks and can actually be done on any Ikea piece that uses knobs! This post shows you how to upgrade the Malm dresser and also gives inspiration for chic knob choices.

click for tutorial

16. Stylish Bar Cart

I’ve actually tried this Ikea Hack in my house and hands down it is something I get the most compliments on. Try following this hack marble contact paper to even amp it up one more notch!

click for tutorial

maykitdiy’s Ikea Hacks

17. Affortable Painted Rug

I loved this hack and I am definitely going to continue to try it out with new designs in the future.

click for tutorial

18. Leather Glass Accent

This is a super simple DIY that I completed using scrap leather. These glass containers came from Ikea and they are the cutest airplant holders!

ikea hack leather holder

click for tutorial

And that’s a wrap people! 2018 was an amazing year…as it marks when I first decided to pick up this blog 🙂 Excited to see what 2019 has to bring for us!

Comment down below if you tried any Ikea hacks this year! If not…what is holding you back!?

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