50 State Ornament Free SVG Cut Download

I hope you’re here for your free svg download of all 50 state outlines.

This design features each state name written out with one letter replaced by the state outline. The design is organized so the file can be cut out as one single piece.

Unfortunately due to Hawaii’s unique archipelago I was not able to include it in this set…I’m sorry Hawaii! If you are interested in having me design something for Hawaii definitely leave a comment below!

For your free download scroll down and enter your information. I would also greatly appreciate it if you showed support by following my instagram or subscribing to this blog!

state svg pins (4)

If you’re interested in creating these awesome state wooden ornaments, head over to this blog post to learn more!

ohio state wood ornament

Click HERE for Free SVG Download

6 Replies to “50 State Ornament Free SVG Cut Download”

    1. Hey Ashley, this SVG only contains state cutouts that can be cut out as one single piece. Since Hawaii is an archipelago it would cut out as various different holes, which doesn’t work for the ornament. If you send me an email I can try to make one for you and email it to you when I’m done!


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