Cricut Maker Wood State Ornament | DIY

I recently bought my first Cricut Maker and I was super excited to test it out using the Knife Blade and some Basswood. The season got to me and I wanted to make some State Love wooden ornaments.

Keep reading if you want to make these cute ornaments…and I’ve even created a free SVG download of every state ready for your use!

Materials Needed


  1. Upload your state design ( into Cricut Design Space. If you want to create your design from scratch just follow the video instructions below.
  2. Click “Make It” and be sure to set your settings to 1/16″ Basswood (or whatever wood you use)
  3. Place your basswood onto your StrongGrip Mat and tape down the sides with blue or masking tape for extra security. 
  4. Load your Knife Blade and click “Go” on your Maker. As the design is cutting dont forget to remove loose pieces of wood or tape to make sure there are no interruptions with the cut.
  5. When the cut is complete, remove the tape and test to see if your design comes out easily. If there is any resistance then replace the tape and allow for one more pass on the Maker.
  6. After the cut is complete use any tools (I used tweezers) to slowly and carefully remove the wood ornament. 
  7. Tie a small string through the hole and it is ready to hang!
Creating the Design in Cricut Design Space
Prepping the StrongGrip mat with Basswood and Tape
Cutting out the ornament
Using Tweezers to carefully remove the cut
Carefully Removing the Cut

Here are some additional ideas to do with your ornament:

  • Stain or Paint it for added color
  • Cut out another ornament and glue on top for added thickness
  • Use the Cricut Pen to draw or sign any design on it

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