Inexpensive Anthropologie Inspired Home Decor DIYs

I absolutely love the way the style and uniqueness of Anthropologie home decor…but I don’t always love the price. Here are 3 DIYs where you can make lookalike Anthro home decor on the cheap! Most of these materials I got from either Amazon or the Dollar Store…and they are all very affordable.  Look to the bottom of this post for the full YouTube tutorial.


1. Marble and Gold Decorative Tray

Anthro vs Maykitdiy (1)


This tray from Anthropologie is absolutely stunning…but maybe not worth $98. Is that just me? For this DIY I used a piece of sample marble and gold drawer pulls to give the same effect.

Step 1: Dust of the sample marble to make sure you have a clear surface

Step 2: Place E6000 glue on each screw portion of the drawer pulls and place them onto the marble tray. I measured about 1-1.5 in from each edge.

Step 3: Wait for a few hours for the glue to dry..and voila! That’s it! Literally it was that easy. The E6000 glue is even strong enough so that you can lift the tray up by the handles. Beautiful AND function…you know that’s my favorite combo.

2. Clay Candle Holder

Anthro vs Maykitdiy


This was my first time in a VERY long time playing with Sculpey clay. If I did this again I think I could improve on the way that this looks but for a first try it isn’t too bad! And below I will include all the things I learned so you can make this DIY look 100% your very first time.

Step 1: Using a clean surface, roll the full square of Sculpey clay in your hands to warm up the clay and allow it to become malleable.

Step 2: Roll the clay with the palm of your hands into one long strand.

Step 3: Form the shape of the candle holder going off of the picture. The tricky part is getting the upper portion to stay upright and not sagging.

Step 4: Bake the clay for ~30 minutes or more, checking on it every 15 minutes. Make sure you have some oven safe way to prop up the top portion of the candle holder so it doesn’t sag. I used a meath thermometer.

Step 5: This is what is critical. Once you take it out of the oven it will still be malleable. While it is cooling you have a chance to fully prop up the top portion and make sure everything is still in a position that you like. Once it cools it will harden in that exact position…but it takes time. I just thought mine was permanently sagged so I didn’t bother to alter it until it was slightly too late.

Step 6: Insert the candle, and light it up!

3. Leather Glass Wrap

Anthro vs Maykitdiy (2)

This DIY was free to me because I already had all of these materials around my house. I absolutely love the way that leather accents look, so this was an easy but fun piece to make.

Step 1: Cut your leather long enough to wrap around your glass container with some excess. Then cut your leather into 1 thin slice.

Step 2: Hole punch your leather (with a leather hole punch) at the end of the piece so you can insert the rivets.

Step 3: Insert the rivets and use a mallet and rivet kit to seal the piece. And voila…you are done! Just slide on your leather accent back on to the glass and decorate.

Check out the video here!

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